1. The act of simply making their latest album available on every iOS device is a monstrous achievement. The orchestrated follow-up in the media to take the time to reply to the unhappy non-U2 fans is genius. The follow-up alone will drive so many column inches based on the masterful marketing stunt that it’s worth it


  2. It has to be said that the way that Facebook handles advertising is concerning. It’s about throttling traffic to your brand pages rather than exposing you to more potential customers.

    The latest podcast from CPG Grey and Brand Haran covers this about half way through and sheds some interesting perspective on Facebook’s business.

  3. Great print ad for Boost Energy drink. 

    Source: www.bestadsontv.com

  4. Awesome. Skittles brand marketers get to have so much fun. 


  5. Awesome bit of marketing.


  6. I’m completely unable to fathom the strategy behind signing a temporary exclusivity deal for Tomb Raider. It’s not a franchise that would drive purchase intent for gamers on the fence, especially now that those intending to buy a PlayStation will inevitably be able to play the game later anyway.

    The whole exercise has just poisoned the devoted community and ultimately has no long-term benefits for Xbox’s business.





  10. When social media strategy is too heavy-handed, it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s the primary channel for consumers to flame brands. Careful execution that is credible and valuable to followers and fans is the key.